Core Values

Smile Style Dental Care

Our Core Values:

1) Family First

2) Inspire Clients and Colleagues

3) Being Part of Something Special

4) Integrity and Honesty

5) Making Hard Work and Self Improvement Fun

"Richard Explains What The Values Mean To Him"

5 Core Values. What We Stand For In Stafford

I’d like to tell you a little bit about our core values. One of the things when I set up Smile Style was we developed 5 core principles by which we run the practice. And the first one is what we call:

1) Family first – What does that mean to me? Well that means we look after all of our staff as if they are family members but more importantly we look after all of our patients as if they are family members. That’s great for me because it means there’s no compromise.

We don’t have any ethical decisions to make because we look at every single patient and say “Well would I give that to my wife, my child, my mum, my dad, and it’s really easy in terms of talking through a treatment plan with a patient.

The other thing that we then looked at, was our second one, was to:

2) Inspire both clients and colleagues – And for me that means inspiring patients to enjoy the same dental health that I have. I am not going to lose my teeth and I’d like that for anybody who comes and joins the practice. But on the back of that is to inspire my staff. I believe in working with the best people and I try and open all my staff’s eyes about where they can go to and it’s great. I view it as a training centre, so we train managers, receptionists.

We train nurses, we train dentists and in doing that we get really enthusiastic staff who are going places. I’ve got nurses who are now going on to do hygiene and therapy. And I’ve got people who have moved through from being just simple and dental nurses to being what we call “Smile Makers” concentrating on helping you become really, really healthy.

The next core value for me is something that we call:

3) Being part of something special – I think Smile Style is unique, it’s not like any other dental practice anywhere else in the country, if not the world. We are doing our job because we want to make a difference. We make a difference to our patients here, but the other thing is we also make a difference within the community. We do school visits. We do visits to nurseries.

We are constantly promoting the dental health message and we’ve taken that to the next level and that is, I’m a trustee of a charity called Dental Mavericks and I travel between 1 and 2 times a year out to Morocco to deliver health care to children who’ve got no access to dental care and literally if you saw the state of their mouths you would not believe the amount of disease that they suffer. And they would be in pain if we didn’t go out there. They would not have received any dental care whatsoever.

The 4th core value for us is:

4) Integrity and Honesty – And that comes back really, round to the family first. As I say we’ve got no ethical dilemmas in what we do, it’s dead easy, because we are offering you the same care that we’d want to receive ourselves. But equally we are a business and we have to accept that and we do have to make a profit because that allows us to reinvest in our equipment.

And if you ever come to see us and those patients do come to see us, they know we’ve always got the latest gadgets, the latest gizmo, we’ve been on the latest courses. We spend a lot of money on training. We invest heavily in the staff. We are always off on courses together. You’re going to have to follow us on Facebook to see that we are whizzing around the country doing stuff.

And that fits in very nicely with our 5th core value and that’s:

5) Making hard work and self improvement fun – I see it as a journey, I certainly don’t know it all and I’ve done 25 years so there’s always new stuff to learn, there’s always new ways, new techniques and we just want to be the best we can be.

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