Dental Loyalty Plan

We recognise that everyone would choose to have healthy teeth and gums. At Smile-Style, our mission is to make this easy and straight forward, by providing a new approach to dental care. OHA-Smile offers membership of a loyalty scheme that helps you care for your oral health, as well as save money.

Giving the very best in dental health care is our priority; choose the level of OHA-Smile that is right for you and your family… and expect nothing less than complete Oral Health Assurance and quality customer service at all times.

OHA-Smile Preventive Plan – is a monthly direct debit scheme, entitling you to a twice yearly dental health review and hygienist appointment. There are also benefits for your children/grandchildren. All the above is only £17.75 per month for adults, taken by direct debit from your bank account.

During office hours we will provide any clinically necessary x-rays free of charge and make emergency assessment of dental pain.

Worldwide emergency cover – refund of emergency care up to the value if £130.00 on production of a receipt.  No excess on this.

Out of hours emergency cover

5% discount on sundries

Preventive plan membership automatically guarantees an immediate 5% discount of the costs of all restorative services (in addition to other discounts, to a maximum level of 15%).

There are also benefits for your children/ grandchildren. (Click here to see Children's Scheme details).

OHA-Smile membership - is an annual premium option, which formally registers commitment to the practice. It entitles you to loyalty discounts up to a maximum level of 10% on all treatment which you pay for on a fee per item basis as you go. OHA Smile membership is an annual premium option of £30.00 per year.

Fee comparison 1st Exam and hygiene after initial appointment 2nd and subsequent 6/12 exam and hygiene appointments x-rays Discounts on all Restorative treatment  Worldwide emergency cover Emergency assessments during office hours

Preventative Plan
£17.75 month (DD)
Or £213


dental loyalty scheme
If paying fee per item would cost £110.50 per visit
dental loyalty scheme
If paying fee per item would cost £110.50 per visit
dental loyalty scheme
Normally taken every two years
Approx £21
dental loyalty scheme
Effective after initial examination starts at 5% and rises annually to 15%
dental loyalty scheme dental loyalty scheme
Membership of practice only£30.00 annually       dental loyalty scheme
maximum of 10%
Starts after one years membership
Children Children/Grandchildren of Preventative Plan members – under 4years old Free of Charge
Children/Grandchildren of Preventative Plan members –  over 4 years old Average £12.95 collected monthly
All other Children – under 4 years old Average £103.20 payable annually
All other Children – over 4 years old £155.40payable annually – no insurance

*Discount is after 12 months.

Your Questions Answered.

How is the discount awarded?
We adjust your level of discount automatically after each additional year with the practice. The discount will increase the longer you attend regularly

3 years or more – 15% discount
Second year – 10% discount
First year – 5% discount

What happens if I don't attend?
You will be putting your own dental health at risk and you will increase the likelihood of further treatment; as a consequence we reduce the level of your discount accordingly.

Do I have to wait to get discount?
If you register with the OHA-Smile Preventive Plan, you will receive 5% discount immediately. If you take up OHA-Smile Membership with Insurance, or just Membership without insurance, your discount will begin after 12 months regular attendance.

Can I increase my discount?
Yes. There are three ways to increase your discount up to a maximum of 15%.

Firstly by joining the OHA-Smile Preventative Plan, which will increase your discount by up to 5%.

Secondly, if you recruit two new patients as members of OHA-Smile we will upgrade your discount by a further 5% as a thank-you.

Third – attend regularly!

Why do I have to pay an annual fee?
This demonstrates your commitment to the practice, which in return we reward with discount. Your membership also provides access to emergency treatment 365 days of the year. We understand many patients still want to 'pay as they go' for maintenance reviews and treatment, and OHA-Smile membership, with or without insurance provides that opportunity whilst still being able to take advantage of cumulative savings.

How does this affect my children/ grandchildren?
Our aim is to provide the best possible preventive care for your children. We will see your children/ grandchildren for FREE up to 5 years of age if you are a member of the OHA – Smile Preventive Plan. We will see all other children until they leave full time education, for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

Can I pay for my children monthly?
Yes. Your children/ grandchildren's fee can be added to your direct debit if you are a member of the OHA-Smile Preventive Plan. As it helps our administration we will extend your insurance to cover them too. All other children's membership fees are payable annually in advance.

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