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Smile Style Pain Free Cerec Restorations

From the introduction of Cerec 27 years ago the process has evolved and developed to give a fantastic solution which helps our patients keep their teeth, restoring their function, appearance and preserves valuable tooth tissue. When teeth were broken down due to disease or previous large fillings then teeth had to be restored with crowns (caps). Also the use of silver mercury fillings is no longer popular due to their appearance, health and environmental issues relating to their mercury content. While white resin fillings are great, their use has to be limited to restoring small cavities. Cerec is now our restoration of choice when cavities are large or the tooth has been previously restored.

Tooth Coloured, One appointment, Conservative, Strong and  Pain Free

Cerec restorations are made using the latest 3D camera, computer design and manufacture technology to produce restorations that look, function, wear and feel like real teeth.

This means you need no impressions. The camera technology can record an optical impression of the prepared tooth, your bite and even jaw movements to give an accurate fitting restoration.

They are designed by our dentist as you watch.

The design passes wirelessly to another computer that cuts the restoration from a solid block of tooth replacement material shade matched to your tooth. This material contains no metal and is therefore very biocompatible.

The Cerec restoration is fitted a few minutes later with strong adhesives that restore the tooth to 80% of its original strength. The fact the Cerec is bonded to the tooth allows us to be conservative when the tooth is prepared unlike crowns where mechanical retention is important.

You only need one visit and one freeze and you can eat on it straight after the numbness has warn off.

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