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Stop your search for comfortable dentures

Are your dentures and false teeth uncomfortable, move around when you eat and speak? Are you embarrassed to smile, are your dentures worn down and discoloured?  Here at Smile Style we understand the problems wearing dentures can bring and we are dedicated to making dentures that not only look great but are the most comfortable set that you have ever had guaranteed.

Did you know not being able to eat properly affects your general health and we know this can lead to an increase in risk of gastrointestinal disorders including bowel cancer. For this reason we take great care to ensure that not only do the dentures we make look natural they are comfortable and improved function. To make certain this is the case we offer free adjustments for the first month after fitting. With our technicians we work to produce partial dentures (removable bridges) with hidden clasps, where possible, increasing your confidence and comfort.

We also offer dentures supported by implants to give that unsurpassed firm hold.

The non surgical face lift.

As your dentures wear you will over close (your chin gets closer to your nose) and your dentures sink back. This increase facial lines and reduces the support of your cheeks and your lips may appear thin. This produces the effect of premature aging.

Our special interest in facial and dental aesthetics means when we design your new teeth we pay special attention to your appearance. Your face and lips are the frame for your smile. Many patients tell us not only have they got a great smile now but their new dentures have made them look younger too.

Request Your Free Smile Audit From Smile Style Dental, Stafford:

“Am I Suitable For Smile Changing Dentistry?” FREE 30 Minute Audit which includes:

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