Mouth Cancer

Can Cancer Of The Mouth Kill?
Yes. Mouth cancer causes literally thousands of deaths each year and, what’s more, the number of people who get cancer in the mouth is increasing.

Cancer can affect all parts of the body. Most people have heard about lung cancer, breast cancer and bone cancer, but you may be surprised to know that in this country nearly 2000 people die from cancer of the mouth each year. This figure is rising, probably because people are drinking and smoking more.

The mouth is simple to inspect so it is easy to find the cancer early and have it treated and cured. The main problem is that people don’t visit their dentist for a regular check-up.

What Is Mouth Cancer?
Mouth cancer appears in different forms. It can affect all parts of the mouth, whether people have their own teeth or not. Sometimes a white or red patch in the mouth or on the tongue may develop into cancer. However, most often cancer appears as a painless ulcer that does not clear up. If any ulcer in the mouth has not healed after two weeks you should see a dentist immediately.

Can It Be Cured?
If mouth cancer is detected early, the chances of a complete cure are very good. The smaller the ulcer, the better the chances of a cure. Unfortunately too many people come forward too late.

What If I Have Dentures?
You should still have a dental examination every year or as often as recommended. A dental check-up does not just cover teeth, but the cheeks, tongue and gums.

Will It Hurt To Have MY Mouth Checked?
No. The examination is carried out using a light, mirrors and gentle touching with fingers.

Does Anything Make Mouth Cancer More Likely?
Mouth cancer can affect anyone, but smoking greatly increases your risk. Heavy drinking is also a risk. If you do both, your chances of getting it are greater.

How Can I Make Sure That My Mouth Is Healthy?
Regular Dental Health Reviews at least once a year. This is especially important if you smoke and drink, even more so if you are over 40 years old. If you should see a white or red patch or painless ulcer in your mouth, contact the practice for an appointment right away. It may interest you to know that during the year 2000 we found 7 malignant tumours on our patients which have been easily treated

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