Speedy Straight Teeth a first for Stafford

People of Stafford Can I Ask You This:
Are You Self Conscious About Your Smile?
​Are You Embarrassed By Your Crooked Teeth?

straight-teeth-guide-coverIf you hide your smile because of twisted and over lapping teeth please keep reading as I have a secret that will change your smile forever.

Clear Brace Straight Teeth Systems At Smile Style Dental Can Give You The Smile You Desire In Just A Matter Of Months!

The great news is you don’t have to hide your smile anymore! You too can have straight teeth today like your favourite celebrities.

At Smile Style our aim to make the next step as easy as possible for you.  You can complete the form below to request your FREE Guide to Straight Teeth. This guide can be sent to you by post or you can read it online, the choice is yours.

The guide contains all the information that you will need. Answers questions like, What Are Invisible Braces? Is Inman Aligner or Simply Smile better? And, how much do Clear Braces cost?

This free easy to follow guide will also tell you the “common myths” associated with straight teeth braces and allows you to discover more about Speedy Braces™ .

Furthermore this totally FREE guide and without obligation explains how to arrange a free “Am I Suitable For Straight Teeth Consultation.”

To receive a copy of the free guide please pop your details into the form below and we will email you across a copy…

"Smile Style nurse Corey talks about her Brace Fears"

Smile Style nurse Corey had her Speedy braces fitted 3 weeks ago. She talks about her 5 Fears about having her teeth straightened…  Fear 1 – Pain?

Fear 2 – They would be noticeable?

Fear 3 – What can I eat?

Fear 4 – Will I be able to speak properly?

Fear 5 – Can I spread the investment to get straight teeth?


It is nice to know there is nothing to worry about when you are getting straight teeth braces, because…

Answer 1 – No pain!

Answer 2 – The braces are not too much noticeable!

Answer 3 – You can eat normally!

Answer 4 – You can speak properly!

Answer 5 -You have finance options to help you!

"Why Straight Teeth?"

Hi, you may well be looking to get your teeth straight. Very good reasons for that, they might improve your appearance, your confidence and make you much happier with your smile.

For me the most important thing is that your health improves and what I know as a dentist is, if you’ve got straight teeth they’re easier to keep clean and they’re less likely to go wrong and get disease in them.

So we find that straightening teeth is one of the most popular things that we are now doing and if you’re interested in getting straight teeth then we’ve got lots of different options from invisible ones to clear ones.

We know that as an adult you don’t want to be wandering around with big steely brackets and bands all over your teeth. But you do want the benefits of having straight teeth.

So we’ve worked really hard to get lots of different solutions, which ones suitable for you? Well you need to come in and we’ll chat it all through it with you.

But I know that we can find you a way of getting those straight teeth that you always wanted.

"Richard Talks About Your Straight Teeth Options"


Are you looking for a quick, affordable way to get straight front teeth?

Speedy Straight Teeth LogoSmile Style is the first dental practice in Stafford to offer this brand new straight teeth system so you can stop looking as our own system 'Speedy Straight Teeth' may be the perfect solution for you.

Most people get results in as little as 12 weeks with this virtually invisible removable aligner system. Aligners are changed every 7 to 10 days to acheive the celebrity smile without a celebrity price tag.

We have an amazing intoductory offer for just £999 (per arch), making `Speedy Straight Teeth the most affordable solution for twisted and crooked front teeth. Call us now for a FREE 'Am I suitable for Speedy Straight Teeth?' assessment, it only takes 30 minutes.

Call us now we answer calls 24/7 even on a Sunday, be the first to snap up this introductory offer.

For more information about our other Straight Teeth Systems give them a Click

Request Your Free Smile Audit From Smile Style Dental, Stafford:

“Am I Suitable For Smile Changing Dentistry?” FREE 30 Minute Audit which includes:

1) A hot drink & a tour of our home

2) A relaxed and informal chat to discuss any concerns

3) A friendly face to really listen to your needs

4) Videos, photos, testimonials to show you how we can help

5) Post examination questionnaire to offer you advice and to explain your options

Usually valued at £100 but now FREE

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