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Your Straight Teeth Questions Answered


How visible are these braces? 

Am I going to look like ‘Ugly Betty’?  I’ve seen pictures of people with steel brackets stuck to their teeth, and if it means that you think ‘I’m not going to get my teeth straightened’, then I wouldn’t get my teeth straightened if that was the situation.

What we use here at Smile Style is ceramic brackets, they are clear or transparent which means we combine them with a tooth coloured wire, they are exceptionally discreet.  In actual fact we fitted this system to one of the nurses recently and it was only the next day that her mum said, “Oh my giddy aunt, what have you had done to your teeth?”  So they are very discreet indeed. 

However, we also appreciate that some people want completely invisible braces and we have a system where we fit the brackets to the inside of the teeth and we call that our secret smile because nobody knows you are wearing a brace.  This has proved very popular with people who are getting married, or people who are front of house or do public speaking, so yeah if you are after the ultimate in secret straightening then brackets on the back of your teeth are what you need. 

The next question we get asked is…

“How can I afford to get my teeth straightened?”

Well, the great news here at Smile Style is to help you with your investment in your smile.  We have lots of different ways of spreading investment over time which makes it a lot more affordable and I have to say it is probably the most common way that people pay for their teeth to be straightened.

With people who have got crowded teeth I almost have to ask the question, why aren’t you having your teeth straightened? We know for a fact that those patients who have very difficult teeth to keep clean are a lot more likely to get dental disease.  So if you are a lot more likely to get dental disease that means that you are going to be spending more of your money in your lifetime to correct that dental disease.   The advantage of having nice straight teeth is that they are easy to keep clean and the other thing is that it tends to boost your confidence as well because if you are a happy smiley person then who knows where that will go to.

The final question that we are asked is…

“How long is it going to take, how long will I have to wear these things on my teeth?”

Well it is one of those questions which is very difficult to answer until we actually meet you but we have treatments that range from 4 to 6 months and up to a couple of years. 

The most important thing is that we treat each situation individually; we don’t have a system where it is done in 6 months.  We make sure that the smile you get will function well, you are able to eat, it looks good, and also sits well inside your frame which is your face.  So if you want to know more then come along and we can do a full assessment for you, and we will be able to be a bit more accurate about the time frame it will take for you to enjoy perfectly straight teeth.

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