Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Smile Style For A Bright, White Smile

Don't be held back by stained discoloured teeth – Professional Tooth Whitening is a safe effective solution.

Tooth Whitening can help if you are embarrassed to smile hiding your teeth behind closed lips or your hand? Teeth whitening will give you a confident smile which will open many doors, are you missing out? Are you getting married or going to an important event or job interview? Smile Style Enlighten teeth whitening guarantees to lighten even the darkest teeth forever.

Are Your Teeth Mottled Or Marked? Don't Worry We Can Help You Too!

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As dental professionals we understand cross infection control procedures so you know that you are protected – we do not believe in compromise when it comes to protecting our patients health and teeth.

The latest techniques give stunning results producing a natural age defying smiles.  Smile Style Home and Enlighten teeth whitening systems gives you a choice in techniques and prices.  Richard our dentist says “The latest generation of professional tooth whiteners we use now allow me to guarantee the results even for extremely dark teeth; this is what my patients want not a quick fix or a gimmicky laser but white teeth guaranteed”.


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You Have Restored My Confidence.. says Louise who used to have yellow teeth

It’s an amazing experience; you filled me with confidence and restored my smile.’

‘I had become very self conscious about my smile. I work with the public a lot and my gums were receding and my teeth were quite yellow. I now feel confident in smiling again. It has been a pain free experience and every time I have come there has been an improvement and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment that has been done and it’s nice to be able to smile again.’

Louise 32, Stafford

WARNING Remember it is illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to provide tooth whitening – you only get one set of adult teeth you can't afford to damage them with cheap untested products. For more informational on who can legally whiten teeth visit the General Dental Council website.

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