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Dental Veneers are one of the solutions for your crowded, gappy and discoloured teeth. If you are unhappy with the shape of your teeth and smile then dental veneers (laminates) could offer you the answer.

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Would you consider a Brace to give you straight teeth if it was almost invisible, removable and could work in as little as 12 weeks? Interested check out Smile Style Quick Straight Teeth.

Why Smile Style Dental Veneers are different

Smile Style Veneers are custom made thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to your teeth. The process involves taking models of your mouth and building a 3D design of your new smile. This is called a wax-up because it is created in wax. With these and digital photographs we can give you the opportunity to see what your new smile may look like.

From the models we produce templates to guide the dentist in how to prepare your teeth for veneers. This helps minimise any work need to be done on your teeth to produce the final results. At this visit more models are made so the final veneers can be fabricated to our prescription in terms of colour and shape.

To ensure your new veneers will suit you we fit prototype veneers by exactly copying the 3D model on to your teeth. You can wear these for the whole time it takes for the final veneers to be custom made. It also gives you the time to evaluate if you like your new smile and start to get used to the changes. Any adjustments can be made if necessary and these changes communicated to the technician so what you see will be exactly what you get, fantastic looking teeth and smile.

“The greatest gift I can give someone is a smile” – Richard Howarth using Pain Free Solutions to Transform Lives

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