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Offering pain free dental care is what we do but it is our belief about dental health and teeth are for life that makes Smile Style so different. We are a team of like-minded dental care professionals who share a passion for wellness because we know the vast majority of dental disease is 100% preventable and even better is that good dental health is inexpensive.

Good Dental Health is Inexpensive; But only those people who desire health can have it

We believe the person as a whole is the most important not just their teeth and work with individuals to help them realise their health goals.  We know that we can make our clients more comfortable by treating dental pain, we can help them function better by restoring their bite so they can chew all foods, we can even make them better looking with aesthetic procedures such as teeth straightening  and teeth whitening. We can teach people about dental health (our passion), but we know only those people who desire health can have it, as they have to give it to themselves. Rich people can’t buy dental health and poor people can not be given dental health.

What is costly is the constant cycle of dental repair

Dental health is not expensive, what is costly is the constant cycle of dental repair if an individual does not control the diseases that are present in their mouth. The cost are not just financial but dental disease in your teeth and gums can damage your general health. You are what you eat, losing your teeth will affect your diet. On the other hand, gum disease can have far reaching effects on our general health, as the bacteria, their toxins and the inflammation they cause, travels throughout our blood. If you had disease in your arm the last resort would be to cut your arm off and we feel the same about teeth. Extracting teeth at Smile Style is not routine care it is rare treatment.

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Tooth-brushing can not stop tooth decay or gum disease

What we now know is tooth-brushing can not stop tooth decay or gum disease no matter how often you brush, what toothpaste you use or mouth rinse you gargle with. However a once a day intelligent cleaning with the correct use of a fluoride toothpaste can enable you to become truly healthy and stay that way. This scientific breakthrough  we call Smile Style’s ‘Health Restoration and Disease Control Programme’. We will show you how to keep your teeth for life even if you can not afford much repair.

You have to understand your own mouth to become healthy

Smile Style Dental Care Centre has moved away from the old fashioned out of date ‘Drill Fill Bill’ dentistry because it doesn’t work. We practice ‘Dental Health For All For Life’ and help  you to understand your own mouth so you can control the diseases that can affect your mouth, become healthy and stay healthy. We believe this is what separates the dental health of dental care professionals (dentists, hygienists/therapists and dental nurses) from their patients and we are determined to eliminate this gap and disparity in dental health. We will help you to have the same informed choice about your dental health that we and our families enjoy.

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