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Do your loose dentures stop you smiling?

Being able to smile confidently is essential to our wellbeing and brings us joy. This is because it releases neurotransmitters in our brains which make us feel happier. Smiling is good for you and the people you share your smile with.

Do your uncomfortable dentures stop you eating what you want?

It is also important to be able to eat well as a restricted diet puts your general health at risk.
We believe here at Smile Style Dental Care Centre that having well-fitting and balanced dentures will help you eat a wide range of foods.

Do you avoid going out to eat?

Eating together and sharing a meal is woven into our culture. Social interaction is important for our mental wellbeing.

How we can help here at Smile Style Dental Care Centre

For people who are missing just a few teeth a partial denture is the preferred solution, then we have discreet dentures that clip in to give you the confidence and comfort you require. Other solutions we provide for missing teeth include dental bridges and implants.

For people who are missing all their teeth, we work closely with our technical team to produce dentures that not only look fantastic but allow you to chew a wide range of foods. For the ultimate in confidence and retention, we also offer implant supported dentures and fixed implant bridge work called ‘All-On-4’. The All-On-4 system allows us to replace all your teeth in a day.

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“For someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door!” says F James


Our Treatment

Why Smile Style

But before we go any further, you are probably thinking to yourself ‘Why Choose Smile Style’ for your treatment. That is a great question. Here are just a few of the reasons why Smile Style is the right choice for you…

Why you should choose Smile Style for your Implants

  1. Pain Free during your Implant Appointment Guaranteed
  2. Eat the food you Love again after Treatment, Guaranteed
  3. Same Day Teeth with “All on 4”
  4. You are safe in our hands. Dr Mandair has  his Diploma in Implant Dentistry from The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
  5. Confidence that we use quality implants and components that have stood the test of time and are back by research.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s our patient Lyn with her view on her treatment.

“Dental Implants Will Change Your Life Completely” Says Lyn


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