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We also understand it is a big step to see a new dentist and therefore we offer you a no obligation free visit to the practice to meet us and see if we are the sort of people for you. You will be looked after by one of our Smile Maker Nurses who will be happy to answer your questions.

Here at Smile Style we take pride in caring for our patients. We use the best materials and latest equipment. We spend time learning new skills and increasing our knowledge so you benefit. We take our time to care for you and provide quality work that lasts, looks great, complements your health and is guaranteed.

Common sense says that you cannot have all of this, the best materials and excellent service with only a little investment. So we are sure you can see a dentist for less at other practices but beware that the final cost to you is not your dental health and smile? Teeth can only be fixed a limited number of times.

At Smile Style we make a commitment to our patients to offer a as many treatment choices as possible, and we give you all the estimates of costs attached to these choices. We never do anything without your consent and without you knowing the costs involved. We offer our patients a Loyalty Club this can help you spread the cost of your regular dental care as well as giving you discounts of up to 20% on your treatment costs and 5% discount on any sundries you buy from us. We can also offer our patients 0% finance (terms and conditions do apply and it is subject to status)

Diagnostics & Radiographs  
New Patient Examination. .£140.00
New Patient Child Examination. .£66.00
Routine Examination. .£64.00
Emergency Assessment. .£84.00
X-Rays – Periapicals or Bitewings. .£12.00
X-Rays OPG. .£55.00
Articulated Study Models. .£315.00
Study Models. .£88.00
Diagnostic Wax-Up Model (per tooth). .From £40.00
Digital Wax-Up Per Arch. .£103.00
Restorative Treatments
Cerec Crown. .From £920.00
Procera All Ceramic Crowns. .From £920.00
Cerec Restoration. .From £920.00
Composite Fillings Small. .From £137.00
Composite Fillings Medium. .From £205.00
Composite Fillings Large. .From £279.00
Dentures value (12 months). .From £813.00
Dentures – superior (3-5 years). .From £1,552.90
Bio (5 years+). .From £2,781.00
Dental Implants
Implant Placement. .From £1,450.00
Implant Crown Restoration. .From £1,399.00
Tooth Removal
Extractions – simple. .From £205.00
Extractions – surgical. .From £346.00
Extraction – deciduous. .From £109.00
Hygiene and Preventative Therapy
Hygiene appointment 20 mins. .From £72.00
Hygiene appointment 30 mins. .From £87.00
Hygiene appointment 40 mins. .From £116.00
Teeth Whitening
Enligten home only 14 nights. .From £524.00
Enligten home 14 nights and in office. .From £734.00
Enligten home 28 nights and in office. .From £839.00
Clear Appliance. .From £2,415.00
‘Fixed brace – Clear/tooth coloured. .From £3,044.00
Fixed Brace – Damon. .From £4,043.00
Secret Smile. .From £5,465.00
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment. .From £620.00

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Complimentary 30 Minute Chat which includes:

  1. A relaxed and informal chat to discuss any concerns
  2. A friendly face to really listen to your needs
  3. Videos, photos, testimonials to show you how we can help
  4. Post examination questionnaire to offer you advice and to explain your options

“For someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door!” says F James

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