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Hi, my clients and team call me Richard. As a practitioner of wellness dentistry for over 30 years I have been helping the busy people of Stafford enjoy the dental health we all deserve. My experience and studies have assisted me develop a unique style of holistic dental care built on the science and research. We now understand tooth decay/disease and gum disease are lifestyle diseases and linked to our modern way of life and our personal daily habits. My team has helped thousands of clients understand this and that dental health is freely available to everyone who is willing to consistently practice simple healthy mouth routines. It is my experience that many people have a poor or muddled understanding of their role in having a healthy mouth and have developed dental health habits based on word of mouth and what their parents taught them. These habits are further distorted by media and advertising and are rarely on the science and facts. For many this has led them to suffer dental problems, pain and discomfort and the need for dental treatment.

I am a great believer in the wisdom that a good dentist or doctor can help their patients get well but a better dentist or doctor can help prevent them from get sick or diseased in the first place. Loosing teeth is more debilitating than losing a limb because it potentially affects our total health. We are what we eat and a growing number of people are understanding the words of the Greek physician Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”. If you can’t eat a balance wide range of foods, your health is at risk. We already have studies that show that people who wear dentures are more at risk of bowel problems from IBS to bowel cancer.

Total health includes our mental wellbeing and being able to smile is essential. It is an international language, a smile crosses cultures and borders. A smile brings confidence, joy and I am convinced adds to our wellbeing. When we smile it stimulates the amygdala in our brain. This is our emotion centre and here our smile causes the release of neurotransmitters which make us feel positive and happy. So, smiling is good for you, your health and the people you share your smile with.

Richard has been a trustee to the charity Dental Mavericks since 2010 and has self-funded many missions to Morocco and the refugee camps in Greece. His fundraising activities for the charity have included riding from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, swimming in a tank of sharks, cycling in the Sahara and running half marathons.

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