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What Makes Smile Style Different? Our 5 Core Values

5 Core Values. What we stand for in Stafford

We would like to tell you a little bit about our core values. When we set up Smile Style we developed 5 core principles by which we run the practice.

Family first – What does that mean to us? Well, that means we look after all of our staff as if they are family members but more importantly, we look after all of our patients as if they are family members. That’s great for us because it means there’s no compromise.

We don’t have any ethical decisions to make because our staff look at every single patient and say “Would I recommend that treatment to my wife, my child or my parents, and so then it is really easy to talk through a treatment plan with a patient.

Inspire both clients and colleagues – For us that means inspiring patients to enjoy the same dental health that we dentists have. We are not going to lose our teeth and we’d like that for anybody who comes and joins the practice. We also believe in inspiring our staff. We believe in working with the best people and so we train managers, receptionists, nurses, and dentists and in doing that we get really enthusiastic staff who are going places.

We’ve got nurses who are now going on to do hygiene and therapy. And we’ve got people who have moved through from being just dental nurses to being what we call “Smile Makers” concentrating on helping patients become really, really healthy.

Being part of something special – We think Smile Style is unique as we are doing our job because we want to make a difference to our patients here, but the other thing is, we also make a difference within the community in doing nursery and school visits.

We are constantly promoting the dental health message and we have taken that to the next level by Richard being a trustee of a charity called Dental Mavericks. Over the years he has travelled, a few times a year, out to Morocco to deliver health care to children who have no access to dental care. You would not believe the amount of disease that they suffer and the state of their mouths. They would be in pain if dentists like us didn’t go out there, as they would not have received any dental care whatsoever.

Integrity and Honesty – And that comes back round to the family first. We’ve got no ethical dilemmas in what we do, because we are offering you the same care that we would want to receive ourselves.

We invest in the business and therefore can offer state-of-the-art dentistry. As well as the practice, we invest heavily in our staff, who have all received the latest training to ensure we give our patients the best service.

We all see it as a journey, we all have many years experience but there is always new stuff to learn, there is always new ways, new techniques and we just want to be the best we can be.

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