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Are You Self Conscious About Your Smile? Are You Embarrassed by Your Crooked Teeth?

The great news is you don’t have to hide your smile anymore!

Here at Smile Style Dental, we provide several teeth straightening options to suit your lifestyle, including a range of fixed and discreet braces as well as clear aligner systems.

If you want to straighten your teeth, but don’t want others to know about it, then our ‘Speedy Straight Teeth’ invisible braces could be the solution for you. Virtually invisible, removable aligner, straight teeth systems at Smile Style Dental, can give you the smile you desire in just a matter of months!

Invisible braces can be used for minor and major teeth straightening and most people get results in as little as 12 weeks. Aligners are changed every 7 to 10 days to achieve the celebrity smile without a celebrity price tag.


Frequently Asked Questions

The different brace options we offer are:

  • Removable braces (clear aligners)
  • Classic metal braces (train-track)
  • Tooth coloured braces (porcelain)
  • Invisible braces (lingual braces)
  • Low force Damon braces (metal and tooth coloured)
This brace system can offer a more discreet alternative to fixed braces. They are near Invisible and being completely transparent, they are far more difficult to detect than traditional wire and bracket braces. Although they are not suitable for every very tooth movement and require the user to remove and insert the aligners prior to and after eating, they are a discreet alternative to fixed braces for more simple cases.
Additional to our invisible and secret braces we also offer traditional teeth straightening options such a fixed braces. Fixed metal braces are stainless steel braces that are placed on the front of your teeth. These braces require tiny elastic bands to be fitted over the braces, which come in many different colours that can be chosen by yourself at each review appointment. This option is more popular with children but increasingly common with adults, as brace treatment in later life is now becoming the norm and accounts for the majority of our patients here.
Fixed tooth-coloured braces are the same design are fixed metal braces but with tooth-coloured brackets and wires, meaning they offer the benefits of the fixed braces without compromising your smile. This brace is a great cosmetic option to straighten your teeth.
Secret or ‘Lingual’ braces are braces that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth and therefore invisible. In the correct cases, lingual braces can offer an even more discreet alternative to Clear Aligners, whilst still providing the full control required to move teeth into the correct position like conventional braces.
Damon braces are a modern brace system that do not require small elastic bands to keep the brackets in place, which offers users much more freedom when eating heavily stained or coloured foods. They can be more comfortable than standard fixed braces and due to their modern design, they do not need as many adjustments as traditional fixed braces, making them a more convenient solution with less chair time. These braces come in both metal and tooth-coloured options and offer a low force alternative to conventional fixed braces.


Parm on Braces

My name is Parm and I specialise in treating primarily adults with lots of different brace types, so Invisalign, fixed braces, and we treat a lot of children here now, actually.

So, the ethos here at Smile Style has always been that we want our patients to keep their teeth for the rest of their life and having healthy straight teeth that are easier to clean, is a big part of that.

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“For someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door!” says F James


Our Treatment

Why Smile Style

But before we go any further, you are probably thinking to yourself  ‘Why Choose Smile Style’ for your treatment. That is a great question. Here are just a few of the reasons why Smile Style is the right choice for you…

Why Should You Choose Smile Style for your Braces

  1. You will get a complete assessment so you know it’s safe to straighten
  2. We stick with you throughout your treatment
  3. We stop your teeth moving back with two types of retainers
  4. Digital models so we rarely need to take mouth moulds
  5. You are safe in our hands, we are regulated.

“Smile Style nurse Corey talks about her Brace Fears”

Smile Style nurse Corey had her Speedy braces fitted 3 weeks ago. She talks about her 5 Fears about having her teeth straightened…

What Makes Smile Style Different?

Our Five Core Values



Secret Smile – Behind Your Teeth Braces!

Do you have twisted or crooked teeth, but don’t want to be seen wearing braces?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then we have the perfect solution for you!

Smile Style Dental Care are now offering the state of the art straight teeth treatment called “Secret Smile Braces”.

What Is Secret Smile?

Secret Smile braces are fitted behind your teeth which makes them totally invisible. An ideal solution for people that are embarrassed at the thought of wearing braces. Which is why this straight teeth treatment is a favourite with celebrities and those in the public eye.

Secret Smile is specifically designed to straighten your front six teeth, which means treatment is much quicker than traditional orthodontics.

A Completely Invisible Way To Straighten Teeth

Secret Smile braces exert very light pressure onto your teeth to gently move them into their new positions, leaving you with a fantastic new smile. Are Secret Smiles Braces Suitable For You?

If you have any of the following challenges with your smile, secret smiles might be the answer for you…

Your Teeth Are Crooked
You Have Issues With The Alignment Of Your Gum Line
You Have Gaps Between Your Front Teeth

Better yet, the fitting of the invisible brace is virtually painless.

The Next Step

Would you like to discover if you are suitable for Speedy Straight Teeth Braces? We offer a Free Smile Audit for anyone that is considering getting their teeth straightened.


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