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Teeth Whitening in Stafford

Don’t be held back by stained discoloured teeth – Professional Tooth Whitening is a safe effective solution.

Your teeth have a huge impact not only on your self-confidence but also on your self-esteem.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile?

Tooth Whitening can help if you are embarrassed to smile hiding your teeth behind closed lips or your hand?

Teeth whitening will give you a confident smile which will open many doors, are you missing out?

Are you getting married or going to an important event or job interview? Smile Style teeth whitening guarantees to lighten even the darkest teeth.

The latest teeth whitening techniques give stunning results producing natural age defying smiles. Our Boutique and Enlighten teeth whitening systems gives you a choice in techniques and prices.

Richard our dentist says, “The latest generation of professional tooth whiteners we use now allow us to guarantee the results even for extremely stained teeth; this is what my patients want, not a quick fix or a gimmicky laser but white teeth guaranteed”.
Your journey to a whiter, brighter smile starts here.


Frequently Asked Questions

While practising good oral hygiene is clearly important, watching what you eat or drink is just as critical. Red wine, sports drinks, soft drinks, tea and coffee, plus curries are just some of the foods that can cause staining of your teeth and thus diminish the effects of teeth whitening.

Keeping your teeth white does require a little care and attention in your dietary and social habits. Note that smoking should also be avoided as much as possible.

Tooth whitening must adhere to the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations as it is regulated as a cosmetic product in the UK and Europe. This means in professional teeth whitening solutions, the strength of hydrogen peroxide cannot exceed 6% by weight.

When professional tooth whitening is used under the supervision of a dentist at 6% strength, it is very safe.

Provided you have no allergies to the tooth whitening ingredients, if you use the teeth whitening products as directed, you should have a safe and comfortable experience with our whitening.

No teeth whitening will only work to whiten your natural teeth, it will not lighten existing dental work like veneers, crowns and fillings, at all.

Teeth whitening products are only designed to lift stains off natural tooth structures, not composite restorations.

Tooth whitening requires one visit for a comprehensive dental examination, and then if you are suitable to go ahead, you would have some impressions taken by our dentist.

We will also take some post-whitening photos so that you can compare your start shade to your end shade. The impressions will be sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory, which will then make high quality sealed whitening trays for you. This usually takes about two weeks.

While the whitening trays are being created, you will need to use our amazing toothpaste called Tooth Serum instead of your regular toothpaste twice a day. This is no ordinary toothpaste as it contains a material called Hydroxyapatite (HAP) which is what your Enamel is made of, 97% of it, in fact! This HAP will not only improve the whitening effect, but it will also protect your teeth and reduce any sensitivity.

You would then return to the practice in two weeks to have your new whitening trays fitted and then begin your tooth whitening.

You would then use the trays and the gel to whiten your teeth for between 3 and 4 weeks at home or until you are happy with the shade of your teeth.

Once you are happy, you will then return for a final assessment, and we will take some post-op photographs to see how effective your teeth whitening treatment has been.

You do not need to change your diet during your whitening treatment, but we would suggest that you do not eat or drink heavily coloured foods or drinks for an hour after whitening your teeth. Otherwise, you can eat and drink as normal.


Harpreet on Teeth Whitening

Smile Style Dentist Harpreet Mandair shows how non-invasive pain free techniques and whitening can transform teeth that have brown and white patches called mottling.

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“For someone with a fear of the dentist it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one! But wow what a team! Aware of my nerves they were kind and considerate from the minute I walked through the door!” says F James


Our Treatment

Why Smile Style

But before we go any further, you are probably thinking to yourself ‘Why Choose Smile Style’ for your treatment. That is a great question. Here are just a few of the reasons why Smile Style is the right choice for you…

Why Should You Choose Smile Style For your Teeth Whitening

  1. You will get a complete assessment so you know it’s safe to whiten
  2. We guarantee your whitening results
  3. You are safe in our hands, we are regulated
  4. Accredited Centre of Excellence
  5. We are here to help throughout your treatment

But don’t just take our word, see what our patients say about their whitening treatment.

“now taking lots of selfies” 

“After the final professional treatment, the finishing shade of my teeth is now B1. I am delighted. I have gone up nine shades and I am now proudly flashing my pearly whites and taking lots of smiley selfies!” Says Toni

“You Have Restored My Confidence” says Louise who used to have yellow teeth”

‘It’s an amazing experience; you filled me with confidence and restored my smile. I had become very self conscious about my smile. I work with the public a lot and my gums were receding and my teeth were quite yellow. I now feel confident in smiling again. It has been a pain free experience and every time I have come there has been an improvement and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment that has been done and it’s nice to be able to smile again.’ Louise 32, Stafford


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